5 Reasons to Use Open Source for Entrepreneur

Open source should not offend an entrepreneur as it is something cheap, untested and involving unauthentic applications. It is important to learn that lot of programming is done in open source and new applications are created almost every single day. The most fundamental strength of open source is the community that is always there to help newbies and amateur users. In fact, nowadays, open source applications are as user friendly as some of the most popular paid applications are.

In this article, we will talk about some reasons as to why an entrepreneur should focus on using open source.


  1. Over the years, it has become very easy to use open source. So the entrepreneur should not be worried about the implementation process. As mentioned earlier, there is huge community support available if an entrepreneur faces any problems.


  1. Open source is low on costs. It is one of the main advantages as most of the applications are inbuilt and no separate purchase of features is needed.


  1. Apart from money, the entrepreneur enjoy freedom of time and availability of resources to market their ideas and applications. Many a times, entrepreneurs focus too much on the design part that they end up spending their entire energy in that phase alone. Marketing and actual selling do not get its due and therefore the idea does not see the light of the day. It fails before even it got tested.


  1. Because open source has been used worldwide and for number of applications, entrepreneurs can rest assured that it is trusted and can be relied upon.


  1. Open source, contrary to the belief, has its own USP. As mentioned earlier, strong community support is the most popular USP of open source and if the applications are creative and useful, there is no dearth of the market and consumers.


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