Advertising Benefits with Podcasts

It is a dog-eat-dog marketing world. Each advertiser wants the public’s business, and is utilizing creative ways to get it. From donating a share of proceeds to a charity to giving buyers a credit towards another purchase, podcasts are sponsored by merchandisers who have embraced technology with an eye on maximizing sales. Businesses should target their podcast advertisements towards an audience that will respond in a positive fashion to their pitch. Religious bookstores and trips to the Holy Land are perfect fits for a religious podcast. However, if they advertise on a heavy metal podcast, it is unlikely to draw the desired results.

North America is digital crazy. “On Digital Media” is hosted by John Federico  amp; Chia-Lin Simmons, out of New York. John and Chia-Lin are intensely hooked on digital media, covering creation through consumption. As rapidly as things change, it is great to have them and their guests focus on marketing techniques that make a person’s advertising more effective.

The good old days are of interest to many people. ” This American Life ” is hosted by Ira Glass, who started working in public radio in 1978. Produced by Chicago Public Media and distributed by Public Radio International, it covers different stories about American life. Podcasts about old stories that have been passed down from generation to generation and tales of what jobs were like in decades past entice over by Chicago Public Media and distributed by Public Radio International. Over half a million subscribers to the free weekly podcast have episodes download automatically beginning the Monday after the Wednesday broadcast. This is an incredible number for any advertiser with an advertising rating of “E.”

“Old Time Radio Mystery Theater” is just what it says. From Sam Spade to strange, beyond the grave, classics, this podcast attracts the attention of those in the mood for a good mystery, without having to spend the time reading the book.

“Market Wrap with Moe” is a daily Wall Street daily program. Moe Ansari analyzes the day on the market, and gives a heads-up about prospective events that may affect the market. Sage advice is filed under “Moe-isms.” Number 14 reminds the listener that “It is not what you make, it is what you keep that counts.” An advertiser could make a killing with these gems if the business is about quality products and services designed to save money in the long run. Moe broadcasts from California, but he and his team travel. His own business advertises on the podcasts to encourage a customized solution for financial goals. Go here to find the podcasts of programs.

Religious programs draw an extensive audience. ” Living Proof with Beth Moore ” is a Christian Podcast filled with encouragement and hope. Beth founded Living Proof Ministries in 1994. Beth lives in Houston, TX, but has traveled the world sharing her good news. She has a radio program and television Bible Study. She lives in Houston, TX, but has many conferences scheduled in 2011, for those who would like to see and hear her in person.

Are you still wondering about advertising on a podcast? EMarketer projects 56 million podcast listeners in 2011, with another 9 million added in 2012. Advertising on podcasts is an excellent medium for individual, mom-and-pop or international business.

Looking to start a podcast of your own? Make sure you get a solid microphone (we suggest the Snowball mic, the choice of podcasting champions), a noise filter, a good pair of studio headphones, a quiet room, and when reviewing, a high quality set of speakers. Speakers can be tricky. For this, we suggest utilizing the Edifier R1700bt Review on AAV Studio. These are some great speakers, and are a wonderful choice.

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