Biggest Challenges in Starting a New Business

Starting a business, in itself, is a challenge to anyone that’s willing to take the plunge but there are many more that a new business owner will face along the way. Businesses come with many elements that few employees making the transition truly know about – their idea of a business has always been on the other end.

If you do have the entrepreneurial spirit and feel passion in starting your own business be aware of the following challenge you will face as a new business owner:


Challenge: Determining when and where to launch


As the old saying goes: location, location and location. Besides location, you will also need to figure out when’s the best time to launch your business. Both of these challenges must be figured out prior to launch because it will greatly improve your chance of success in your new business.


Challenge: Finding the right product or service for your market


Entering a market without proper research into what your potential customers want to buy will quickly lead to business failure. Businesses (especially yours) will need to understand what consumers demand and what questions need to be answered in order for your products and services reach your market correctly.

Challenge: Understanding marketing that works in your market


A business not only needs to produce a great product but it also needs to market itself and its products to reach the market on their own terms. Trying to reach a predominantly young market through yellow pages will be nearly impossible because youth generally use the internet in today’s consumer society. Find out where your market looks to and aim to advertise your business on those platforms.


Challenge: Financial instability and pressure


The fourth challenge your business will need to overcome is your worry and pressure caused by finances. Not every business requires a large investment to start but you will want to ensure that you can support your business during the initial phase. You can also look to free business platforms that are available online so you no longer have to worry about the pressures of business finances.


Challenge: Overcoming traditional business mindsets


One of the final hurdles you must overcome in your business challenges is getting over the traditional business and employee mindset. Because you’re probably coming from an employee role you will treat your business in the same manner. You will also need to keep up with the times and avoid using the same, tired business models that are now becoming extinct in the modern business world.




No-one said that starting your own business was going to be easy. Even with these main challenges out of the way you will face many more on a day-to-day basis. As long as you’re open to change and ready to tackle these challenges there are no doubt that you will succeed in any market you chase.

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