Advertising Benefits with Podcasts

It is a dog-eat-dog marketing world. Each advertiser wants the public’s business, and is utilizing creative ways to get it. From donating a share of proceeds to a charity to giving buyers a credit towards another purchase, podcasts are sponsored by merchandisers who have embraced technology with an eye on maximizing sales. Businesses should target Read more about Advertising Benefits with Podcasts[…]

Sarah Vargo’s Maven is Chicago’s Connection Agency

Sarah Vargo is the founder and president of the Chicago-based “connection” agency Maven. The services provided by Maven include publicity, event planning, promotions, media coaching, and brand image consulting. According to Vargo, Maven is “a connection agency in every sense of the word” and she brings experience coordinating charity events and fashion shows and creating Read more about Sarah Vargo’s Maven is Chicago’s Connection Agency[…]

How to Find LLC Secretary of State Filing Forms

Each state designates a particular government agency for providing LLC registration. A domestic LLC can create an LLC in any local state, while a foreign LLC that already exists in another state usually must register to do business in other states before establishing a physical presence in that state. An LLC is a “limited liability Read more about How to Find LLC Secretary of State Filing Forms[…]

Choose Your Management Consultant Wisely

The consulting business has picked up dramatically in recent years, from basic business-building tips to advanced work in strategic planning. Of course, when business in a particular sector picks up, it’s a guarantee that more businesses will suddenly spring up from nowhere with the promise of producing the same results as consulting firms that have Read more about Choose Your Management Consultant Wisely[…]

Starting a Home-Based Resume Writing Business

Submitting a resume to employers is a standard part of the job search for millions of people each year. Many people are not comfortable preparing their own resume though, either because of limited communication skills or because they simply have a difficult time writing about themselves. Professional resume writing services assist these job seekers by Read more about Starting a Home-Based Resume Writing Business[…]

Starting a Home-Based Beauty Consulting Business

Beauty consultants help other people with fashion and style. Some people seem to naturally know what clothing, makeup, or hairstyle makes them look good. Many more people struggle with these fashion and style decisions though. Beauty and fashion consultants help these people who struggle with making fashion decisions on their own. A beauty or fashion Read more about Starting a Home-Based Beauty Consulting Business[…]

Biggest Challenges in Starting a New Business

Starting a business, in itself, is a challenge to anyone that’s willing to take the plunge but there are many more that a new business owner will face along the way. Businesses come with many elements that few employees making the transition truly know about – their idea of a business has always been on Read more about Biggest Challenges in Starting a New Business[…]

How to Start Your Own Successful Business from Scratch

Starting your own business from scratch can be quite difficult but entirely possible due to the sheer amount of information freely available on the web. The most important step you’ll need to take when starting a business is the first one – to get started. Because we all are acquainted with working as an employee, Read more about How to Start Your Own Successful Business from Scratch[…]

The Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur

The average employee will work 40 hours a week until the age of retirement (if they’re lucky to stay with one company) but with the economy in shambles, many people are looking for new alternatives to the proverbial rat race – this escape is through becoming their own boss. The transition from employee to entrepreneur Read more about The Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur[…]

Starting a Desktop Publishing Business

Desktop publishing involves preparing documents for print or electronic publication. While many people are able to prepare a basic document themselves using word processing software or another software application, more complex documents or presentations may require advanced skills or expensive software. These skills or software needs are beyond the reach of many people and small Read more about Starting a Desktop Publishing Business[…]