As I was thinking about my article to write this week, I decided to speak about the Entrepreneurial spirit of Thanksgiving. I would like to pay a special thanks to all of the entrepreneurs of our era who have paved the way for us to live in such a wonderful world. While celebrating this type of Thanksgiving, we need to give Thanks to all the special people who had the dreams to invent, discover and explore all the wonders we experience everyday. Let us never take for granted and fully appreciate all of the work those people have done over the years and all the future visionaries who will shape the way of the future.

As part of this “Thanksgiving”, we all should put into practice the “Attitude of Gratitude” in our daily plan. As we act in the attitude of gratitude, our results in life will change for the better. As you are building your business and designing your life, practice the “Attitude of Gratitude” and people will listen with more of open-mind because they feel from you a sense of respect – which is very powerful! The Attitude of Gratitude is the little bit of extra that will move you from excellent to the outstanding level in your field of endeavor. I would highly suggest beginning right now to take on the enhanced attitude of gratitude and your results will increase dramatically. Begin to truly internalize the meaning of the words….”Thank You” and watch the results of your new passion for “The Attitude of Gratitude” begin to prosper. As a I always say a small improvement over a long period of time will produce outstanding results!

Today, I challenge you to integrate the “Attitude of Gratitude” in your daily life and begin to reap the rewards of your “Thanksgiving”!!!

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John Di Lemme

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