Profitable Freelance Services You Can Offer to Small Businesses

Small business owners around the world are in dire need for common freelance services. Bridging your own abilities and the will to learn a new skill, you can reach these business owners to offer them your services for a very sustainable profit. The following are those skills that are in high demand.

Website Development


Small businesses have begun to take notice on the effect of owning an online presence – mainly a website. A website will allow small businesses to expand their network and attract customers they previously never had contact with.


In this freelance service, you have the opportunity to build websites for these small businesses and begin earning them (and yourself) a healthy profit. Through enough robust knowledge of HTML/CSS and other programming languages, you can offer your skills to any business within your area (or the world).


Online Consulting


Suppose a small business has a website but they’re unsure about all the other new technologies many other businesses are currently using. As an online consultant, you can become the “go-to” person that can keep these business owners up to date.


With your experience and knowledge, you can guide small businesses in the right direction and start them with services that will return their value.


Social Media Manager


Social media is quickly becoming the new “thing” in terms of online business. Many small business owners have heard of the various social media websites and services, maybe even tried them but could not get a good grasp with them.


As a social media manager, you can offer your skills at using these social media websites and services bridge the small businesses online and begin gaining them an influence online without overwhelming them with the techno babble.


Lead Generation


Small businesses want one thing: more sales. Despite all of the technologies, advancements in the business and new skills to learn it’s plain and simple: make sales to keep the business running and profitable.


Most business owners don’t want to learn a new skill set; they just want it done. In this freelance role, you can deliver those leads to small businesses that convert to sales. You don’t necessarily need to tell the business owner about every small detail of what you do; you just give them the results – it’s up to you how to gain them.


Search Engine Optimization


Search engine ranking is one of those elements of owning a website that small businesses bite their nails over. Small business owners understand that if they don’t rank well within search engines they won’t be able to generate the traffic for sales.


Learning the needed skills online, you can bridge your own search engine optimization techniques to small businesses. After an assessment of the current SEO practices, present business owners with a plan and get to work – once you deliver results, you’re golden!


Video production


Much like how a website was essential during the 90s and 2000’s; online video is on the rise to become one of the definitive elements of an online presence.


Video production has become simple and cheap due to new video cameras and software. Even basic video production will often be enough to help small businesses create promotional videos to use in their marketing campaigns or as content on their websites – you could also use your skills to create commercials for TV!




Finally, copywriting is a skill many believe they understand but rarely get it right. Business owners that write their own copy miss the point all too frequently; they write as if they were talking to other business owners. Using your crafted skills in freelance copywriting, create marketing material which delivers results by higher conversions. You could also use your copywriting skills to create brochures, packaging materials, sales scripts and much more – a small business owners dream!

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