Sarah Vargo’s Maven is Chicago’s Connection Agency

Sarah Vargo is the founder and president of the Chicago-based “connection” agency Maven. The services provided by Maven include publicity, event planning, promotions, media coaching, and brand image consulting.

According to Vargo, Maven is “a connection agency in every sense of the word” and she brings experience coordinating charity events and fashion shows and creating trendy ideas and concepts to her organization and ultimately to her clients.

One of the principal ways in which Maven connects people is through the events it coordinates in Chicago, including the Diva Series and Divo Series. The Diva Series is a monthly, themed cocktail party that brings together and recognizes accomplished women. Vargo told me, “When looking for Divas, I target female entrepreneurs who have a strong following in the community. I also look for young, up-and-coming leaders. It’s great to combine the older pioneers and the new up-and-comers. It’s all about learning from each other and helping make the dream come true!”

“To compliment the Diva Series,” said Vargo, “we have a Divo Series for the men. In Italian ‘Divo’ means a male superstar. We also host a business networking event called SUIT UP.”

Attendees at SUIT UP events are invited to bring their business cards and “network with the top industry leaders in Chicago.” Vargo views this as a way for people to “make some business contacts but most of all some friends who are business contacts.”

Vargo developed Maven when she was in her twenties and her recent thirty-first birthday party is indicative of the panache that accompanies all Maven-related events. Her “STARLET” themed party rolled out the red carpet for guests dressed in the style of Hollywood’s glamorous 1950s and 1960s era. Of course, the birthday girl was transported to the posh party in a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce.

Vargo has big plans for Maven. She says the Divas Series “is very dear to my heart” and she wants to take it the to the “national level and go after big sponsors like Dove.”

Currently, Maven is only located in Chicago but Vargo indicated that she hopes “to have Mavens across the country someday. It is still in the works.” Right now, however, Vargo said, “I am restructuring a bit to really focus on the connection aspect of the company.”

Given Vargo’s connections, energy, youth, creativity, and entrepreneurial skills, we should look for Mavens to appear in other large U.S. cities very soon.

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