Should I Start a Business for Money?

Driven by greed, power and dominance over marketplaces, many entrepreneurs set upon their quest to riches with only one thing in mind: profits. It’s a fact that a business that’s not able to generate a profit will eventually be scattered amongst the countless dreams of other entrepreneurs but is that all that should be the only thing to achieve when going in business?

* Business changes the world *


Despite countless companies that conduct in bad practices there are many with the intent of being great. Great businesses do need to make a profit but they also hold strong ethics, morals and culture toward improving the lives of others.


Many businesses set a mission to change the way we see the world. One great example of a company doing this is Apple. Apple, through all of their technological improvements, still, at its core, strives to create a better life for its customers (and the world). Through rapid evolution of technology to ease us toward information, Apple creates a common goal of its customers to improve their lives through art, information and to think different.


* Does a job improve our lives? *


Although many people hate their jobs there are plenty which people would kill for. Long, tedious hours at a job seems like a soul sucking activity but despite all the troubles, businesses can still improve the lives of others by giving them an opportunity.


Those businesses which only strive for profit will often work their employees to the bone, burn them out and spit them back into the world; it’s not all like this though. Businesses can still go for profits but keep ethics toward the well being of their employees.


In many ways, using profit as a motive can actually improve everyone within a company as promotions, pay raises and extended benefits can be given to those that help increase revenue to the company.


* Why profits don’t always matter *


The traditional goal of a business is to create large profits but due to the web and many entrepreneurs developing a different mindset toward revenue, people have started businesses that sustain their living but use strict codes of ethics, morals and culture to give back to the community.


Businesses that aren’t driven by the motive of profits will often spend more time with the individual customer. These companies which do work hard for their small customer base aren’t driven by profits but instead by the gratitude they receive from customers that had a great experience.


* Should businesses be motivated by profits? *


It all really depends on the overall goals of the business owner. In the short term, many new jobs and innovation can be created from a business but it’s very important to see the overall impact of the long term.


Ask yourself “Do I want to do business with a company that only wants my money?”; this question is what’s changing the world of business as we know it. Soon, businesses will reconsider their impact on the global economy due to their greed for profits and, instead, focus toward creating a unique experience. As customers become aware of their self interests, businesses will need to adapt – until then, we will continue to see business with the motive of profits; others with the customer in mind.

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