Starting a Home-Based Beauty Consulting Business

Beauty consultants help other people with fashion and style. Some people seem to naturally know what clothing, makeup, or hairstyle makes them look good. Many more people struggle with these fashion and style decisions though. Beauty and fashion consultants help these people who struggle with making fashion decisions on their own.

A beauty or fashion consultant may work with a clientele composed primarily of friends and neighbors, or they may work with celebrities or other public figures.


Getting Started


There are several business models that could be pursued by a beauty and fashion consultant. These models include the option of working as a “consultant” or “representative” for another company or working truly on your own.


Beauty and fashion consultants may hold parties at customer’s homes, engage in direct sales of products and accessories, provide consulting services on an hourly or contract basis, or conduct classes or seminars to educate and inform customers. The available business models may overlap as the entrepreneur seeks to maximize revenue from each customer.


Regardless of which business model is pursued, the fashion and beauty consulting business is well suited to operating as a home-based business.




Beauty and fashion consultants may find their first customers by networking with family and friends. This can be a good way to develop those crucial first customers (and testimonials). Asking family and friends to make recommendations to their friends and co-workers can further expand this early network of potential customers.


Business cards can be helpful tools for promoting your new beauty consulting business. Cards can contain all important contact information and be distributed whenever the subject of your business comes up in conversation. Business cards also provide an image of professionalism that is important for all new businesses.


Local beauty supply shops may be willing to post brochures or business cards for consultants who are purchasing products from or referring customers to the supply shop. Consider contacting any other related and complimentary businesses about a mutual referral arrangement where you can refer customers to each other.




Business insurance can be a wise investment for many businesses. Home-based fashion and beauty consultants who regularly have customers in their home or who maintain expensive inventory may wish to carry insurance to protect against loss. A business use rider should also be added to the automobile insurance policy on any vehicles used for business.




Starting a home-based beauty consulting business can be a good opportunity for entrepreneurs who have a strong sense of fashion and style. The variety of business models available for this business should provide at least one mode that will suit any fashion-conscious entrepreneur.




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