Starting a Home-Based Resume Writing Business

Submitting a resume to employers is a standard part of the job search for millions of people each year. Many people are not comfortable preparing their own resume though, either because of limited communication skills or because they simply have a difficult time writing about themselves. Professional resume writing services assist these job seekers by conducting an interview to learn about the job seeker’s experience, education, skills, and objectives, and then using that information to prepare a resume on their behalf.

Getting Started


Resume writing services are well-suited to operating as a home-based business. Customer’s may meet with you at your home office or the discussion and interview process can be conducted by phone or e-mail.


The actual resume preparation and printing can all be completed in a home office. The final resume can be printed in a home office, and a digital copy of the resume can be burned to CD or e-mailed to the customer. Digital files should be prepared in several formats, including plain text (.txt), Microsoft Word (.doc), and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf). Most resumes that are submitted online will be in Word or Acrobat format, but some will require the applicant to “copy and paste” the resume into an online form.


A high-quality, laser printer with a supply of resume-quality paper will be essential for printing resumes. Printing can be outsourced to a local print shop though. This can be an option for new businesses that have not purchased a laser printer yet. This may also be a cost-effective option for larger print jobs.




Advertising in local, community newspapers and classified ad publications can be a good way to keep your business in front of area residents and potential customers. Long-term advertising agreements will usually result in discounts, and customers will know where to find your business ad when they do need a resume writing service.


A business website can be valuable for many businesses. Setting up a website will allow customers to find your business when they search for resume writing services in your area. A business website also provides a good opportunity to display testimonials, sample resumes, and information about rates.


Posting brochures and business cards on community bulletin boards and on college campuses can be a low-cost way to connect with a number of customers in one particular area. Potential customers can take a business card and contact you at their convenience.


Craigslist is becoming an increasingly popular place to advertise professional services. This online site is used by many people to look for both jobs and professional services.




The resume writing business will involve a lot of one-time projects. This situation can make it challenging to maintain steady work. Resume writing businesses may offer related services like cover letter writing or job opening research to increase revenue.


Strong writing, spelling, and grammar skills are essential, as is attention to detail. This is particularly true in a tough job market where there is a lot of competition for every position.


Zoning and land-use regulations vary considerably by community. Home-based, resume writing businesses that seldom have customers come to the home will likely have little problem with zoning laws. Businesses that have frequent customer traffic may encounter zoning problems in some communities though. Contact your local or county clerk for more information about zoning and land-use laws in your community.




Starting a home-based, resume writing business can be a good business opportunity for the detail-oriented entrepreneur. Strong writing, spelling, and grammar skills can be put to profitable use by helping others find their dream job with an outstanding resume.




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